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Quarantine: Are you ready to stay at home?

The last week was bizarre. While driving in the city I could see how we are fragile. People have been home, to clinics, hospitals and supermarkets. Yeah, people have been stocking all sorts of things, even toilet paper.

What can we do to prevent something really bad to happen? First of all, be obedient.

It’s something hard to understand and accept, but we HAVE to stay home.

The government of ParanĂ¡ has been taking the precautions to prevent the worst and people still think that it is a joke. Going through this situation we may understand the dependence on God, we cannot win this battle without HIM.

We can do many things staying at home, one of them is praying, begging for better days, looking up and putting ourselves on HIS hands and feeling safe, He is fighting it for us.

He and thousands of health service professionals and others that decided to work to help others. We must do something too, so let’s pray and believe that it is just a period to stop and give a break to all the bad things. God wants to clean our air, let’s obey HIM.

There are many things to do at home. Clean up, put unnecessary things away, rest, read, watch something good on TV, study the BIble, talk to God, play with the kids, talk to people you haven’t talk for so long (whatsapp), catch up on the studies and things you want to,..

BUT STAY HOME… wash your hands, wear mask if necessary, if coughing be careful with people around you, stay away from people in risk zone, such as elderly, diabetics, hypertension, breathing problems…

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